športové sanie / R1 Air intake — F5X MINI COOPER S JCW

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Project R1 developed this intake for the B48 petrol engine - Mini Cooper

We have designed a closed cold box of increased volume with a massive cotton filter with a TwinAir funnel inside, the filter has a huge surface area.The filter is made of 5-layer high-quality cotton, impregnated with a special R1 Oil and allows you to trap even the smallest dust particles, while having a huge potential for air transmission. (R1 Air Filter 132-83)
Significant performance in front of the OEM intake system is achieved due to a more efficient filter and a duct into which cold air is supplied through the air ducts.
+23.64 NM / +7.3 HP (Air T +33 C)

The design of the box allows you to collect sand and water. There are holes for draining water so that it does not get into the filter.
There are two special windows on the box, which can be opened by removing the plugs - for additional air intake in case of its shortage through the OEM air ducts.