Air intake for Audi A5/A4 2.0 TFSI Gen2

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+20HP/25NM (Hybrid turbo)

  • A large, cold, closed box with a thermal screen protecting from the hot temp of the turbine
  • An 80 mm pipe with a damping connection allows you to abandon the damper pipes
  • Cotton filter, with a front funnel oriented to an additional 76 m air window, a filter specially designed for this box
  • Supply of additional cold air from the wing and the standard ductFor versions with MAF, a unique solution is inserted into the pipe, to save space, through an O-ring 79*6mm (the sensor housing is marked yellow in the diagram)

Filter for Gen 3 engine (R1-80-127-165-127 )
Filter for Gen 2 engine (R1-80-127-52-111 )