Project R1 — Gen2 Air intake for Octavia A5 1.8-2.0 TSI VAG

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We have released version №3 of this intake, taking into all experience gained over the years.
A new version of the popular intake for Gen2 engines 1.8-2.0 TSI, which has no analogues on the market.

The intake shows the largest results in terms of air increase among analogues +40 grams of air

  • Pipe diameter increased to 80mm (previous 76)
  • New filter with integrated mount for this housing, more technological mount (Ref. R1-FF-80-127-165-127)
  • The MAF sensor is installed directly into the pipe using an o-ring, thereby making the connection without silicone pipes and adapters
  • New body-to-body fasteners
  • The largest volume housing uses a huge cotton filter with a funnel that is unparalleled in terms of filtering area at a similar size.

The filter used in this inlet of our own production has a huge dust capacity, which significantly improves filtration and performance compared to dry filters.

Our intakes are chosen by the most advanced tuning workshops.