R1 EA211 Inlet Pipe — Volkswagen 1.2/1.4 turbo intake pipe

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The OEM inlet has a built-in muffler and many steps inside, + pockets that are needed to reduce noise from the turbine.

We have increased the inner diameter for a complete combination with our inlets on a 70mm pipe, as well as removed the muffler, optimized the shape of the pipe, now this will allow it to be used even on hybrid turbines, with full impact.

Smooth inner surface, without narrowing compared to analogues made of aluminum casting, some have an inner diameter already (!!!) stock


  • High throughput relative to the OEM inlet
  • Tangible arrival and improved throttle response
  • Reduction of jerks when shifting gears
  • Reduction of acceleration time, -0.15-0.2 seconds 100-200.
  • Heat resistance -60c / +110c. To install, you need to use screws from the old inlet. Observe the tightening torque of the clamps, use silicone spray to facilitate the installation of the inlet on the turbine.
  • Bolt-on installation