R1 Air Intake — VAG MQB Gen3 2.0 TDI

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Designed with previous experience in mind, this is the second version of the intake for MQB.

Ideal for working together with the ST1+ software to unlock the maximum potential of your engine.

The standard intake system has a number of "bottlenecks", such as all kinds of partitions in the air intake and the box itself in front of the filter, you will not be able to unlock the full potential of the engine on the OEM intake system.

A specially designed version of the box is also suitable for gen3 diesel engines.

Improved intake system performance, which is so necessary for diesel engines.

An air duct providing a full supply of cold air, without holes, without partitionsThe housing has a direct connection to the duct, without plugs

A massive cotton filter with a front funnel, which has no analogues in area (80 mm outlet on the filter), is 150% more productive than OEM.

On Stage 1, an increase of 7Nm 5HP (the ecology is not affected by the car, the diesel engine and the cut are in place).

With all this, the unique appearance, the sound of the intake system becomes clearly audible, easy installation in regular places.

Replacement filter number: 80-127-165