April 2021 — Project-R1 Performance

Roman Reinz April 12, 2021


At the moment, we have delays in sending orders due to the large relocation of our production to another city. This is a forced measure, because our landlord closes his territory, and it goes under the demolition of buildings. 

We were not warned in advance to find a new location. As a result, we are not working now, we are packing our things and transporting equipment and materials. 

All orders will be completed and shipped. Do not fall for the provocateurs on the Internet who spread rumors about us. They are themselves scammers from UK.

We have been working for more than one year and many people know us, there is no reason to think that we are cheaters, it is excluded! Many colleagues at work know us.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have the opportunity to respond to everyone according to the status of the order, in the next 10 days everything should be normalized. I'll let you know later.

Please accept our apologies. We will give all customers who have had delays with the order a 25% discount on the next order to make amends.