April 2020 — Project-R1 Performance

Roman Reinz April 19, 2020

Start date: 11 March 2020
Latest Update: 14 April 2020
End date: Ongoing
Incident: Coronavirus

Update: 14 April
The USA has has introduced special quarantine measures against Coronavirus. As a result, USPS may not be able to deliver mail to specifications, signatures on delivery may be suspended in order to prevent spread of the infection. Delays to mail services can be expected.

Update: 18 March 2020
At the weekend, the US travel ban for passengers from EU countries was extended to include the UK and Ireland. This relates to people, rather than goods. Royal Mail’s International services to the USA remain operational. We continue to accept and process traffic for the USA. Some delays are to be expected due to restrictions on movement to minimise the spread of the virus.

We continue to operate a normal service to the USA following the announcement on 11 March by Donald Trump. We will be continuing to monitor the situation and will advise of any changes immediately that impact our service to the USA.

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