Air intake Volkswagen 1.4 EA211 Skoda Rapid R1AIR

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1.4 tsi air intake ea211

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Material GFRP
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New version, improved body and modified design

The volume of the housing has been increased, the geometry of the pipe has been changed — a special turn has been made with a section increased to 80mm. The standard pipe to the inlet with three silencers was replaced with a pipe of a larger diameter (it was 63 became 70mm).
The housing has a dynamic air intake technology, thanks to the incoming flow of cold air, this is an undeniable advantage compared to traditional intake systems, as well as open ones from other tuners.
The intake system Project R1 EA211 is a high-performance system for 1.4T engines that are used in various Skoda, VW cars.
Our system increases productivity primarily by improving the mass flow of air through a high-performance filter, while ensuring adequate filtration.
The expected increase in power and torque over the entire range with a more responsive feel when pressing the accelerator pedal.


  • Increased power and torque
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved engine sound
  • Closed system for cold airIt is installed in the frame of the front panel.
  • cotton filter R1