Air intake 1.4 MQB (Tiguan 2, Octavia a7, Audi A3 EA211)

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New intake system with air intake Project R1 for vehicles with 1.4 TSI mqb gen 3 ea211 engine

Provides maximum performance along with a bright visual addition to your under-hood space.
The special design of the air intake without restrictive partitions allows you to direct cold air directly to the filter without heating and mixing with hot air from the engine compartment.
It comes complete with a proprietary R1 "Twin Air" filter.
The housing has a dynamic air intake technology, thanks to the incoming flow of cold air, this is an undeniable advantage compared to traditional intake systems, as well as open ones from other tuners.
Optionally, you can purchase an inlet pipe, it completely replaces the standard inlet pipe of the OEM intake, removing all partitions and narrowing thereby reducing turbulence and allowing a larger volume of air to reach turbocharging faster, which is especially important at stage 2-3 and higher.
It is installed in standard fasteners and air intakes on the panel. It is required to turn the air sensor on one of the pipes, and build up the wiring of the sensor (instructions are attached)


  • Improved performance
  • Improves airflow efficiency
  • Allows you to increase the sensitivity of the throttle
  • Possibility of installation with a replacement restrictor
  • There is a damper corrugation to compensate for the rolling of the engine
  • Support for Stage 3 and above
  • Mounting to the panel in the standard holes (two channels) with screws
  • Significant superiority over sawn air intakes, "zero" in the standard box, and aftermarket air intakes.
  • The intake is developed by Project R1 in-house, which allows you to strictly test products during the design process.
  • 76-80-70 mm intake pipe. Replacement of the OEM pipe with a narrowing.
  • Our pipes have smooth turns, without narrowing, for better air flow without turbulence.Cotton 5-layer air filter, allow you to trap dangerous dust, and at the same time shows the best performance gain.


  • Box
  • The R1 TwinAir filter (one of the best filters according to the test results)
  • Inlet pipe
  • Pipes and clamps