Pipe Project-R1 — TSI Stage 2 CCTA/CBFA

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TSI Stage 2 (A3/GTI/Passat/CC/Octavia, Superb) 0

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Designed to facilitate the passage of air, using the smoother rotation of the pipe and smooth internal structure difference OEM pipe, which has a sharp angle and corrugated surface.

The Stage 2 system from Project-R1 allows you to increase the flow rate, and also provides excellent thermal insulation of the incoming air to achieve a lower temperature at the inlet, allows you to pass a larger volume of air, which improves throttle response and turbine operation.
Increase power and torque

  • Lowering the intake air temperature
  • Increase the speed of the air flow
  • Smoother intermediate flow
  • Improved throttle response
As a unit:
  • Plastic pipe painted in black glossy color
  • Clamps
  • Silicone nozzles